Schools have an important role in promoting sport through the co-curricular programmes they offer students. These programmes allow students to build on and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they develop in the school's physical education curriculum. Organised school sports programmes should neither be seen as substitutes for sport studies in this curriculum nor as the specific domain of physical education teachers.

The effective promotion and organisation of school sport should reflect the needs of students and ensure that all students have the opportunity to:

Sports programmes can be developed in partnership with clubs and other community groups and may involve interschool and club competitions.

Students require a range of structured, sequenced, and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities in sport studies. These include opportunities to develop:


Coach: Kelly Wallace

Team: St Joseph Saints (6, 7 & 8)

Training Times: Wednesday-Friday 11:00am 

Draw: Saturday 10 June (Athletic & St Joseph's are duty teams this draw)

Rugby/Rippa Rugby

Rippa Coach: Odette Cox 

Team: Raiders

Training Times: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 1:30pm 

JAB Coach: Jamie Cox 

Team: JAB Junior Warriors 

Training Times: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 1:30pm 

Draw: Saturday 10 June Rippa & JAB


Coach: Alyssa Anderson 

Team: St Joseph’s Kings (2, 3&4) 

Training Time: Thursday 1:30pm 

No games this week

Coach: India Manukau

Team: SJS Breakers (5&6) 

Training Time: Thursday 12:35pm 

No games this week