Special Character

St Joseph’s School Wairoa  is a Catholic School

Our School Values

Our Charism

Charism is the original story and spirit of our school.

Our school was founded by the sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart in 1911. Their leader was Sister Mary Mackillop now Saint Mary of the Cross.

We challenge our  staff, students and wider community of the school to live out the Charism of the Sisters of Saint Joseph -   “Never See a Need Without Doing Something About it” by actively seeking and recognising needs of others and helping out the best we can.

Our Four House Groups  Have Special Catholic Significance

Portland (blue) –Portland was the town in Victoria, Australia,  where Mary MacKillop was a teacher

Pompallier (green) – Bishop Pompallier, who at the time was the Bishop of Western Oceania, celebrated the first Catholic mass in Hokianga on January 13, 1838.

Penola (gold) – Mary Mackillop was a Nanny for the Cameron children back in Penola, Australia.   This is the place where she established her first Catholic School.

Pohutukawa (red) – The colour to reflect the Pohutukawa tree of New Zealand,  and the birth and resurrection of Christ