Communicating and reporting to our community

At St Joseph's School, we believe that parents and whānau play an important role in their child’s education. Our reporting process is designed to be informative, robust and aims to reinforce that we are working in collaboration with you in order to gain success for each child.

Reporting at St Joseph's School is completed twice a year. Each child will receive a written report about aspects of their learning Terms Two and Four.

We also have Student Led Conferences at mid year. Student Led Conferences focus on the philosophy that evaluation is an important and constructive part of the learning process. This opportunity gives your child an active and meaningful role in reviewing and reflecting on his / her own learning. Accountability and responsibility are built into the self-reflection process; self-respect and self-esteem are enhanced as students are asked to focus on strengths and to give their own perspective on areas they are trying to improve. A presentation and with next steps in learning will be an important part of this conference. The teacher plays a key role in structuring the event; offering ongoing, positive, and practical support; and makes it possible for the student to move into a leadership role.

Parents are welcome to arrange a meeting with their child’s teacher at any point to discuss their child’s progress.

Seesaw is a platform students use to create their own digital learning journals. It gives parents a glimpse into their child's learning in the classroom in "real time ". Students can “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links.

Your child will post to Seesaw to share their learning with you. Seesaw is private. You’ll only see posts created by your child.

Download the Seesaw app to your smartphone or tablet. Ask your teacher for your child's login newsletter.