Religious Education

Here is our Religious Education Planner for 2019. It shows you term by term what we will be learning throughout the school year. Currently we are working on the Sacrament Strand and then the Church Strand.

The Sacraments

The Sacraments of the Church are defining moments in the life of a Christian.


In Baptism, we are called to holiness – our primary

vocation (what God wants us to be). By responding

positively to God’s plan in our lives, we will find our

ultimate fulfilment.


We experience forgiveness and, thus, “rightness” in

our relationship with God. We are called to seek

forgiveness and make amends where possible, but

also to forgive others as part of our call to holiness.


Through the Eucharist, we are thankfully in

communion (unity) with Christ and His Church. We

need food to grow physically and maintain our

health. Food is an appropriate vehicle for the grace

we receive through the Body and Blood of

Christ—nourishment we need to grow in faith.


We confirm that we want to live as followers and

imitators of Christ, personally saying “yes” to the

Catholic faith. We receive an outpouring of the

Holy Spirit--grace which empowers us to serve God

by meeting very real needs in our world.

Anointing of the Sick

This sacrament is for people who are seriously ill or

injured. It is a sacrament of spiritual healing and,

sometimes, physical healing. Oil can heal, such as

baby oil softening damaged skin, and is an

appropriate symbol. There is no “magic” involved;

there is God’s loving Spirit to help us cope, no

matter what the outcome (even physical death).

Holy Orders

Men may be ordained as deacons, priests, and

bishops through the sacrament of Holy Orders. The

vocation to ordained life is one of service. A person

who is ordained keeps his individuality

while, at the same time, becoming a representative

of Christ and His Church here on Earth.


Marriage is a vocation – the holy way of life for

which some people are meant. The bride and

groom’s relationship reminds us of the

covenant relationship of love between God and His