Religious Education

Here is our Religious Education Planner for 2021. It shows you term by term what we will be learning throughout the school year.

We are now in the Liturgical Season of Lent.

Lent, which begins Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Thursday, is a period of spiritual renewal that helps us prepare for the celebration of the Paschal mystery of Christ—that is, his passion, death and resurrection. The three pillars of the Lenten season are prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. By spending time in prayer and in reflection on the Scriptures, through penance and through giving up (sacrificial acts) and giving to others (charitable acts), we look to experience a spiritual reawakening that brings us closer to Christ

Pope Francis has proclaimed the ‘Year of Saint Joseph’ to run until 8 December 2021 in the hope that we might be able to increase our love for this great saint, be encouraged to seek his intercession and to imitate his virtues and zeal.

Below are copies of the "Year of St Joseph's Prayer" and the "Litany of St Joseph"