Welcome to St Joseph's School

Tena koutou katoa,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees we wish to extend a warm welcome to the new school year!

It is our pleasure to announce to our school community that we have been successful with recruiting a Principal. Jo Doyle (previous Deputy Principal) has been appointed as the new Principal to lead our school.

Jo has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the education sector and we know that she will be ably supported by our three fold community of faith.

The recruitment process is now underway to fill the vacant deputy principal position and we have been fortunate to secure a relief teacher for the senior end of the school for term one to ensure consistency for our students.

We look forward to welcoming our students and school community back to the new school year on Wednesday 29th January 2020.

Nga mihi nui,

Leslie Johansen

Deputy Board Chairperson

SJS Board of Trustees

Welcome to this vibrant learning community. Here at St Joseph's we believe in providing the best for the students and their learning. We have 4 classes from Years 1-8. Our students are exciting learners embarking on the journey of 21st Century learning in an atmosphere where they are supported by well experienced and committed teachers. We believe in being equipped to meet the needs of our students and with a supportive board we are able to provide the vibrant learning environment that is needed to stimulate the keen young minds that inhabit our classes.

We truly offer a holistic education as we nurture not only body and mind but we also teach to and encourage spirituality of the students through our Religious Education Programme.

This website will give you a good indication of the overall day of our school and how things happen.

Parents please look to all of the pages as they should hold much information that you will need to know.

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