Our Values

Our School was founded by the sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart in 1911. Sister Mary Makillop, now Saint Mary of the Cross, followed the mission of Jesus through Saint Joseph who is our patron Saint.

Our School Charism is, “Never see a need without doing something about it.”

Our Charism describes the underlying value for which our school was formed, a need that the Sisters of St Joseph felt for our community in providing a Catholic education.

We believe that our Charism, our School Values that are gospel based and those of the New Zealand Curriculum communicate those values which are important in life.

Our values are important to students, teachers and families of St Joseph’s School, therefore are integral to our school culture. They are modelled, encouraged, explored, expected and reinforced through everyday occurrences within the school.

A gift of enlightenment that not all of God’s work can be seen. We choose to believe in what we believe, it is through faith that we believe.

Virtue: Believing that God has a job for us to do

To love your neighbour as much as you love yourself.

Virtue: Being kind to yourself and others by helping them do what is right.

This is displayed through the following expectations and interactions:

  • A gift from God, we share and nurture with our school community.
  • Support each other in our faith journey.
  • Believe in each other and what we are trying to achieve.
  • Believe in the positive intentions of others.

This is displayed through the following expectations and interactions:

  • In the spirit of inclusiveness be accepting of other’s individuality. Being like Jesus in his unconditional love for us.
  • Accepting everyone for who they are. We are all individuals, we are all special. Treat each other as Jesus would.
  • Accept differences openly and build understanding and relationships.
  • Treat other how you would like to be treated.

To develop a relationship with God that fills you with the spirit of hopefulness.

Virtue: Spreading the word of Christ through what we say and do.

To live a life of helping others and meeting needs of those who cannot.

Virtue: Help yourself and others to continue the good work of Jesus.

This is displayed through the following expectations and interactions:

  • Share ideas with dignity and respect and show dignity and respect to the to the ideas of others.
  • Focus on moving forward with trust and positivity.
  • Supporting each other to see the common good
  • Know that we are working towards a better future.

This is displayed through the following expectations and interactions:

  • Have compassion for and support each other.
  • Never see a need without doing something about it.
  • Offering assistance to each other, helping in any way that we can support each other emotionally, physically, socially.
  • Always being there for each other, total commitment to the school and everything within and beyond it.

New Zealand Curriculum Values

  • Excellence, by aiming high and by persevering in the face of difficulties
  • Innovation, Inquiry and Curiosity by thinking critically, creatively and reflectively
  • Diversity, as found in our different cultures, languages and heritages
  • Equity, through fairness and social justice
  • Community and participation for the common good
  • Ecological sustainability, which includes care for the environment
  • Integrity, which involves being honest, responsible, accountable and acting ethically

and to respect themselves, others, and human rights.