Our Board of Trustees

The St Joseph’s School Board of Trustees comprises of three Proprietor appointed trustees, four parent trustees, one staff trustee and the Principal.

We are an experienced and cohesive team of people who possess a vast array of skills and attributes which are utilised to effectively govern the school.

The Board are committed to every student achieving their full potential in a safe and nurturing faith community. We are equally committed to supporting our staff and have high expectations and a belief that all can succeed.

We acknowledge the significant role that the school plays in shaping the future of the students by enriching them with knowledge through the power of education and instilling and role modelling Catholic values. We also acknowledge the significant role that family / whanau play in shaping the future of their children.

Our goal is for every student to thrive in a vibrant school community where the involvement and input from the student’s whanau is not only welcomed but is also seen as critical to the student achieving and enjoying success. If we draw on both of these resources, our children will be instilled with a lifelong love of learning, a sense of purpose and belonging and will be responsible and active contributors to society.

The Board meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Jo Doyle


Thomas Perston

Jamie Cox

Staff Representative

Melissa Paul

Dave Martin

Br. Denis O'Brien

Proprietor's Rep

Margot Dever

Proprietor's Rep