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Your child will have a small amount of homework to complete each night.

MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY: A Reading Book that your child has read in the classroom will come home for them to read to you. Please encourage your child to point to the words as they read.

An Alphabet Chart will also come home on these days. Please take the time to revise with your child the names and sounds of the letters.

A Word Pack with words to learn (read/write) for the week will also come home. Later your child will progress to having Spelling Words. New words will be given on a Monday and tested on a Friday.

FRIDAY: A Poem Book will come home with a Poem of the Week for you to read with your child.

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Your child has approximately 20 minutes of homework to complete each night (Monday thought to Thursday).

Each night they will bring a reading book home.

On Monday they read the first half of the book, on Tuesday the second half and on Wednesday's they read the whole story to you.

On Thursday children will be bringing their poetry books home to share with you.

Children will have one maths sheet to complete each week - just do a bit each night.

All children will be given 5 spelling words a week. The best way to learn these is:

Look at and say the word

Say the letters in the word

Cover the word

Write the word

Check the word


If you have any questions about homework, please do not hesitate to contact me. carolineh@sjwairoa.school.nz

Thank you for your support.