Basketball Hawkes Bay - We will be visiting Wairoa weekly in term 4.

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Basketball 2019

Basketball begins 10th May

Start time: 3.30pm

All Games for Year1-4 will be played on the small half court with 4 x 5 minute quarters with 3 x 30 seconds breaks in between. Bands to be worn for all players.

All games for Year5-8 will be played on full court with 4 x 7 minute quarters with 1 minute breaks in between.

Band only to be worn for Year5-6 players

Weekly Basketball Draw and Results


Practice Times and Coaches

Year 3 and 4 - Coach - Jo Smith

Year 5 and 6 - Coach - Tony Fearon


Due as soon as possible

  • Years 1 - 4 $60 per team
  • Year 5 -8 $60 per team


Can we push, to let our supporters know that they need to be on the back wall of the gym and in the seats only.