Basketball 2022

See the draw below for your team's start time.

If any parent or caregiver could find the time to coach our basketball players, please contact the office.

Fees : $12

Due as soon as possible

St Joseph's School - 03 0785 0102823 00 Reference: student name/bball

A few important messages from the Wairoa Community Centre Team – could you please pass these onto your parents, coaches helpers etc. It is important we follow these guidelines to continue playing basketball at the Community Centre

  1. Each team is to have a parent [caregiver, helper, coach] always supervising them.

  2. No lollies or chewing gum are allowed in the gym. Also, the gym is a water only facility. All fizzy drinks, energy drinks and juices are not permitted.

  3. Personal basketballs are not permitted in the gym

  4. Teams are to be sitting on the bleachers with their supervisors prior to their games starting and ready to go when rounds are finished

  5. Coaches are to ref their own games.

  6. Year 3&4 grade, can we stick to 3 aside please. It is too congested on a small court when there are 5 players on. Rolling subs are allowed.

  7. Spectators are to cheer and encourage their teams from the sidelines. Yelling at them is not required.

Please note that mouthguards are expected to be worn by players.