Covid-19 Information

23 August 2021

Tuesday 17 April 2021

Kia ora koutou,

Tonight on TV News, Jacinda announced we would be going into a Nationwide Level 4 Lockdown for three days from 11:59pm tonight. The approach is hard and fast.

In a Level 4 Lockdown all schools are closed. Unfortunately, we are not able to get our devices out to whanau. We will know more on Friday if and I will send out another email. It will be the same process as last year where we ask whanau to sign a form before they take devices, this is for insurance reasons.

Teachers will have work up online by lunchtime tomorrow for those that have access to devices. Teachers will also be posting activities for children on the Seesaw platform.Please remember to access their logins and passwords they need to login into the chrome platform on the right hand corner of the chrome homepage using their email address and password. If you have any difficulty, please email your child's teacher.

Room 2 - Matua Con

Room 1 - Jo Doyle

Melissa Paul

Room 5 - Caroline Holden.

Room 4 - Debbie Taylor.

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions.

Jo Doyle

13 August 2020

The shift in alert levels announced by the Prime Minister on Wednesday night was the last thing any of us wanted to hear, but thank you for the calm and sensible way you have responded to this latest news.

It’s good to know we are prepared this time but there is information below to remind you about the important things to do under the different alert levels.

Changes to alert levels - Following the announcements about new Covid-19 cases being confirmed with no known source of transmission, Alert Level 3 in Auckland and Alert Level 2 for the remainder of New Zealand has been put in place since yesterday midday.

At Alert Level 2 it is safe for all students, children and staff to attend school. There will be appropriate precautions in place.

  • Children and staff who are at higher-risk of severe illness are encouraged to take additional precautions when leaving home.

  • All visitors to the school must sign in at the office. Please refrain from going into the classrooms as a precaution.

  • We ask anyone who is presenting as unwell to go home, we may ask parents and caregivers to come and pick your child up.

  • Messaging about good hand hygiene and cough and sneeze etiquette is being reinforced.

  • Soap and water is in every classroom.

  • Staff should be far enough away from each other so that they are not breathing on or touching each other, coupled with good hygiene practices and regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces. There does not need to be a specific measurement but where practicable and reasonable 1 metre can be used as a guide, particularly between adults.

  • In early learning there does not need to be a measurable physical distance between children/ tamariki or children/tamariki and staff. However adults should where practicable use 1 metre as a guide between themselves and other adults.

  • Physical distancing of 2 metres is recommended for parents and caregivers, from people they don’t know (to align with public health measures outside the school grounds).

  • We are supporting our community by displaying the QR code posters for the NZ COVID Tracer App.

A diagram has been developed by Dr Siouxsie Wiles to assist you when considering symptoms (sent to us by a teacher who found it useful). What it tells us is:

  • A dry cough and a high temperature are common to both flu and COVID-19

  • Sneezing is not a symptom of COVID-19, however if someone has COVID-19, then sneezing can spread droplets containing the virus

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