If your child is going to be absent from school due to sickness or for any other reason - please notify the school office.

The Education Act 1989 requires that all children six years old and over must attend school. Once enrolled, it is compulsory for children to attend school regularly.

St Joseph's School encourages students to participate fully in school life. Students are expected to attend school when required, and to be on time for classes.

Student Attendance/Absence

We monitor the daily attendance of students to:

  • ensure their safety both in getting to school, and in accounting for them in an emergency

  • identify students with achievement, engagement, or other issues

  • meet our legal responsibilities

Parents and guardians also have legal obligations to ensure their children attend school. The school expects parents to:

  • notify the school if their child is going to be absent by phone (06 8388306), text (027 2055583), or email ( by 9 am.

  • try to arrange appointments etc. outside school hours or in holidays

  • work with the school to manage any attendance issues.

Absences are usually unjustified unless the student is too sick to attend school, or has suffered a bereavement.

Any child absent from class without a known reason will be followed up by a phone call from the office staff. The school roll is taken after 9am and again when children go back in to class after lunch at 1:15pm.

Sometimes a student might be out of class but should still be marked present, such as when attending a medical appointment. Holidays should only be taken during school holidays.

Leaving School During The Day

Students may not leave the school during school hours except by special arrangement – for example, a parent request (verbal or written) for the student to attend a medical appointment. The student must sign out at the office.

Unacceptable Absences

Attendance is monitored through our student management system (SMS), and parents are notified of absences and/or patterns of absences. The school follows up on unacceptable levels of absence (10 half-days per term) and may refer the case to the Attendance Service.